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Are You Heating Under Tile Or Stone?
Our radiant floor heating systems have been installed in thousands of homes across America. Homes that now have the luxury of heated floors that keep you warm even after you step out of the shower and a kitchen that is not just a place to prepare meals but somewhere the entire family can gather in comfort.
Whether it is in your bathroom or your Kitchen, tile has always been one of the coldest surfaces in your home. Traditional forced air heating systems did little to ease the temperature on tile flooring.
Until now going barefoot in the Winter was something you never even considered but with the TempZone Radiant floor Heating System you will insist on it. You will feel a warmth and comfort you never thought possible on a tile floor.

Product description
The product is made of a heating wire secured to a fiberglass net and generates 51 btu/hour/sq.ft. (equivalent to 15 watt/ sq.ft.). It is usually installed as a source of comfort and supplemental heat. However, in most cases, it can be designed and used as a primary source of heat. TempZone requires concrete but does come in sizes that will cover any space easily and efficiently.
Energy Consumption
Costing only pennies a day, these heating foils are an energy efficient, easy to install, electric Floor Warming System. Operating an average bathroom will cost 6 to 15 cents USD per day.
Our product is UL listed. The UL Marks are some of the most recognized Logos in the US.
For an price estimate email room dimensions, type of flooring and where you are located to lyn@heatedcarpetsnthings.com

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