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We have some exciting NEW ways use use FREE Solar energy!
Thermal Barrier Fabric and Radiant Heating Products keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer
ClearDome Solar thermal barrier fabric and panels & Radiant heating fabric and panels
The high cost to keep your home more comfortable without excessive costs is now possible with the recent introduction of four new passive low-cost radiant thermal products available from ClearDome Solar Systems. Shown in the photo on the left is our tough, reflective Thermal Barrier Fabric that can be used in both summer and winter to restrict the natural flow of heat into or out of a building. On hot summer days as window screens or above windows or patio covers as a sun shade, it will reflect most of the solar generated heat away from the building before it enters through windows or roofs. 45% diffused light still enters, but 70% of the heat is blocked. The best winter use is hanging it on the inside of windows, patio doors or skylights, where about 50% of your room's warmth is lost to the cold outdoors. As an indoor winter curtain it reflects and radiates most heat energy back into a room by preventing it from escaping out the windows, reducing heating bills.
Each closed room can stay 5-10 degrees warmer with this fabric.The photo below shows our Thermal Barrier Fabric covering an open beam patio cover, which in summer reduces downward heat transmission. It can also be used as a temporary thermal shade cloth above a roof or greenhouse to reduce solar heat gain by 35 or more degrees. It can be attached to existing window coverings or hung from included suction cup hooks. Use it on camping trips or outings as a lightweight sunshade. As an added benefit, 15 mph winds will slow to only 2-3 mph  behind either fabric outdoors on your next outing, which nearly eliminates the wind chill effect on cool days. This is great for sheltering those picnics, backyard barbeques and outdoor weddings.
Sunlit windows can now be turned into giant solar radiators with our new interior black Radiant Solar Heating Drape (photo on right). Instead of being highly reflective like the Thermal Barrier Fabric, it is a deep black, heat and UV resistant HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic cloth specially designed to absorb solar energy and efficiently convert it to heat. It's not a total black out curtain because the outside can be seen on a sunny day. Positioned near a glass surface, temperatures over 125 F degrees can be generated and radiated back into the room on cold, sunny winter days. In numerous tests in Missouri and New York, on sunny days with 0-20 F temperatures outdoors, heating fabric temps rose up to 115-121 degrees F behind double paned glass. By heating the fabric and glass above the ambient room temperature, heat can't escape and the windows become thermal barriers to reduce further heat loss. That's because hot always travels to cold, and not the opposite.

Another type of behind-the-glass solar heating product is now available to purchase. It also hangs from sunlit windows using suction cup hooks. It's called our Interior Window Radiant Solar Heating Panel and it follows the ClearDome style of heating, where the clear window glass passes sunlight and helps trap the heat to raise the temperature as it's radiated into the room. It measures 2' x 4', weighs only one pound, and can be trimmed with scissors to fit smaller windows. Because of it's excellent solar absorption (94%), thermal mass, and close proximity to the glass, it generates much more heat than any other object in the room touched by the sun. Panel temperatures can reach 130-140 degrees F, nearly as warm as baseboard heaters. Like the other new products mentioned, it's safe and free to operate and at $59 it's the lowest priced and only radiant solar room heater made.  Both heaters and the barrier fabric don't stink or give off gas, and require no additional power to generate up to 2,000 BTU per panel on a sunny day.
Please check our  Solar Thermal Products and Information  page for prices on all of these unique radiant heating products.
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