Thermal Barrier Drape Fabric 14'x22' 

Thermal Barrier Drape Fabric 14'x22'

Reduce Summer Heat Intrusion, Decrease Winter Heat Loss with this lightweight 14'x20' Thermal Barrier Fabric.

It's almost better than adding a

solid, insulated wall in the

window space because radiant

light and heat will be

reflected away from the glass.

Summer - Mounted on the outside of windows:
  • Stops 70% of solar or radiant heat energy while passing 45% diffused sunlight

  • Reflects intense solar energy away from the building

  • Highly reflective

  • UV resistant

  • Metalized high density polyethylene woven material

  • Will provide years of comfort

  • Easily be cut to fit with sharp scissors

  • Fabric does not run after being cut
  • .
  • Can be used for many outdoor applications to reduce heat gain over green houses, over
  • tents, sun rooms or at sporting events
  • As an added benefit, 15 mph winds will slow to only 2-3 mph behind the fabric outdoors
  • on your next outing, which nearly eliminates the wind chill effect on cool days.

    Winter - Mounted on the inside of windows patio doors or skylights:
  • Reflects most of the room's heat back into the room

  • Can be sewn into drapes or hung with existing drapes

  • Solar Thermal Barrier Fabric helps prevent heat loss from windows where 50% of a building's warm air is lost to the cold outdoors, or where the same amount of summer heat gain from sunlight passes through to warm the inside. The large 14'x22' size can be cut to cover the windows of an average three bedroom home.

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