SolaReflex 97.4% Reflector Material 2'x4' 

SolaReflex 97.4% Reflector Material 2'x4'

Flexible Solar Reflector Material achieves the highest known level of radiant and visible solar reflection: 97.4%!

It's easy to make your own solar cooking, heating or lighting reflector with the toughest, brightest, diffused reflecting material available - ClearDome SolaReflex. SolaReflex is light, strong and highly reflective. Add a sheet of our BlackFlex solar absorption foil to make your own instant solar heat.

You can benefit from over 45 years of private and government research, and NASA's continuing use in the space program to protect the astronauts. Their space suits and spacecraft depend on this same type of triple-laminated, tear-resistant metallic fabric to protect their lives. Intense, unfiltered solar energy is reflected away, and their body heat is radiated back inside. This amazing flexible material works as well in outer space as it does on earth--for all reflective applications where sharp, mirror images are not required.

In a recent dry heat test using ClearDome SolaReflex laminated to the inside of our new SolaReflex 900 24" offset parabolic cooking reflector (visible on our homepage), we recorded open air temperatures on a piece of Blackflex above 600 degrees F! Two quart meals will cook in 45-75 minutes in the 900. University teachers and students around the world have found it and BlackFlex perfect for solar heating experiments.

Here's why it is superior for reflecting the sun's energy:

  • Outperforms every other type of solar reflector, including aluminum foil, Mylar, glass mirrors and most metals, for hotter, faster cooking!

  • Reflects 97.4% of visible and invisible solar energy with .03 emmisivity

  • Will withstand radiant temperatures to 400 degrees F, and below at 60 degrees F.

  • Safe and Non-toxic at all temperatures

  • Easy to glue, tape or staple over wood, paper, plastic, and metal frames or boxes.

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