Solar Mylar Backpack Cooker 

Solar Mylar Backpack Cooker

Durable Reflector Cooks One Quart Meals in Two Hours

  • Powered by free solar energy

  • For camping, picnics, survival

  • Use your own black pots or cups

  • Pasteurize water (safe to drink)

  • Weighs only four ounces

  • Opens to 11" X 24" - makes a great gift!

  • Cooking & heating tips included - Safe enough for kids to use

  • Now you can cook hot food for you and a friend any time you're hiking, camping, fishing or just having fun, with this new ClearDome Solar Mylar Backpack Cooking Reflector. All it takes is the sun, your own one quart black pot, bowl or cup with a clear lid (glass or plastic food wrap), and your food. If you put your cup or pot into a cellophane cooking bag it will hold more heat around the pot for more efficient cooking.

    It also makes a great food or coffee warmer, using black coffee cups or any microwave plastic or glass containers with a lid. This reflector works best on calm or light wind days, with few or no clouds in the sky. Folds down small enough to fit in your backpack. For faster heating times, place your heating container in a clear oven cooking or freezer bag, or wrap with microwave plastic food wrap. Please visit our other pages on this web site.

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    Price: $19.97