SolaReflex 900 Parabolic Cooker. 

SolaReflex 900 Parabolic Cooker.

Now the Hottest 24" Dish Made

Our popular SolaReflex 900 Parabolic Cooking Reflector generates as much heat as an open flame using only sunlight for fuel!

Now you can cook family

size meals in only 35-50

minutes, about the same

time as a conventional

stove or oven.

It's called the SolaReflex 900 because the focal point hot spot will reach well over 900 degrees F when exposed to our Blackflex heat absorber foil. This fifth generation ClearDome Solar focused radiant reflector has a new and improved SolaReflex surface that's now bonded (using a patented process) to our formed 24"x26" ABS plastic, offset parabolic dish. To help preserve the 96% reflectivity and better resist scratches and salt air exposure, it has a very thin and invisible protective surface baked on.

  • Cook your favorite meals in any sunlit location for picnics, camping, at boat docks, in emergencies, or everyday use at home.

  • Invaluable for use in developing countries where cooking fuel is too expensive or unavailable.

  • Use it to melt snow, ice or wax, or to sterilize medical instruments

  • Pasteurize water.

  • The 900 will brown meat, bake bread and steam vegetables.

  • Two solar baked potatoes only take 45 minutes on a sunny day.

  • The heat is adjustable by moving the pot closer or farther away on the metal base.

  • A sturdy, collapsible anodized aluminum support base easily attaches to the 900 dish with two thumb screws.

  • Under 3" thick when dis-assembled for transport.

  • If you like delicious smoked wood barbecue flavoring, add a charcoal briquette or wood chips in a small aluminum foil cup near the food in your own glass covered black pot. Within seconds, it will fill the pot with smoke, but it won't ignite into flame.

    Children should not be permitted to use it without direct adult supervision because it is so hot. Only metal or glass pans can be used for heating since it will easily melt plastic and burn wood. If you put your cup or pot into a cellophane cooking bag it will hold more heat around the pot for more efficient cooking.

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