Interior Radiant Window Heating Panel  

Interior Radiant Window Heating Panel

Free Daytime Room Heating With the Affordable Solar Interior Mounted Radiant Window Heating Panel

Here's the most inexpensive and efficient way to transform sunshine into radiant heat inside your home or office. This passive solar thermal heating panel works inside your home and hangs on clear sunlit windows.

  • 100% safe

  • Easy to use

  • Unbreakable

  • Non-transparent

  • South facing windows provide the best all day heating. The specially designed heat tolerant, 2' x 4' flexible plastic panel absorbs and traps solar energy against clear glass windows, much like the dashboard does under your car windshield even on a cloudy day.

    Touch your car's dashboard during daylight hours to see how warm this ingenious panel can get inside your house. Radiated temperatures from our panels are much hotter than can be achieved from any other solar heated object in a room.

    Once the sun's intense energy passes through window glass and touches the deep black surface of this tough, thin film panel, it's instantly converted into heat energy, then radiated into the room at temperatures slightly less than the average conventional baseboard radiator.

  • The heat is non-toxic and will always be free.

  • Produces about 2,000 peak BTU of free heat per 2'x4' panel. (That's about the same amount of heat produced by conventional small baseboard heaters.)

  • Makes a perfect backup when your home power fails.

  • Free solar heat in your home will reduce the cost of conventional heating.

  • The warmth generated by this panel and our unique solar heating fabric (also available from our product page) is quietly radiated into the room at least twice as hot as the room air temperature--as high as 130 degrees F during sunny midday heating. You can feel the comforting heat radiating from the back side of the panel. Lower levels of heat can be generated on light overcast and partly cloudy days as long as the light falls on the panels. As the square footage of heat absorption increases, so does the amount of radiant heat for your home.

    So the more sunlit windows you can cover, the warmer your home will get. Get one or more for each sunlit window. Comes with instructions and attached suction cups for easy installation and removal. Can be cut with scissors to fit smaller windows, and it can be mounted on your sunlit window vertically or horizontally.

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