Heater Foil 

Heating Foil
Environ II  -  Warm carpets or Laminate floors
Available in Larger Sizes up to 6'x10'
Can be used in combination for larger rooms.
110 v and 240 v
Are You Heating Under Carpet Or Laminate?
Unlike other radiant heating systems, the Environ II from WarmlyYours does NOT need to be installed in a layer of concrete. This makes the installation easy for a flooring installer or DIY homeowner. The Environ II is operated by a "SmartStat" programmable thermostat and hard-wired to a regular 110 volt circuit.
Did you know?
Most people who want to install radiant heating under a carpet or a laminate wood floor would rather install it between the pad and the carpet. This sounds a lot easier than embedding it into a layer of concrete...
Well, until recently there was no such product in America. Our engineering team searched the world over, and guess what we found! Such a product exists! It has been manufactured in South Africa since 1986 and installed with great success in thousands of homes. The Environ II is the easiest solution for spot warming of carpet and laminate wood floors.
Our product is UL listed. The UL Marks are some of the most recognized Logos in the US.
Sizes available in 120v or 240v: 
(2'x5')  (2'x6')  (2'x7')  (2'x8')  (2'x10')
(5'x5')  (5'x10')  (5'x15')  (6'x6')  (6'x10')
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Floor Heating Mesh
Temp Zone
Are You Heating Under Tile Or Stone?
Our radiant floor heating systems have been installed in thousands of homes across America. Homes that now have the luxury of heated floors that keep you warm even after you step out of the shower and a kitchen that is not just a place to prepare meals but somewhere the entire family can gather in comfort.
Whether it is in your bathroom or your Kitchen, tile has always been one of the coldest surfaces in your home. Traditional forced air heating systems did little to ease the temperature on tile flooring.
Until now going barefoot in the Winter was something you never even considered but with the TempZone Radiant floor Heating System you will insist on it. You will feel a warmth and comfort you never thought possible on a tile floor.
For an price estimate email room dimensions, type of flooring and where you are located to lyndon@heatedcarpetsnthings.com

Thermostats available for North America only.

Programmable Thermostat
The "SmartStat" TH115 Programmable Thermostat
This "SmartStat" TH115 programmable thermostat has an in-floor sensor and a digital display that indicates the exact floor temperature. It also features a manual set-back to a "high" and a "low" temperature level, and it features a built-in GFCI. The programmable function allows you up to 4 setting changes for each day of the week.
SmartStat features:
Elegant design
In-floor sensor, will cycle the system and save you energy
Digital display indicates exact floor temperature
Built-in GFI safety
Simple programming functions for ease of use
Our Price $149.00

Non-Programmable Thermostat
Non-Programmable Thermostat
TH113-F-120GA (15 Amp Capacity)
    * Gives you the accurate temperature control of the SmartStat with a simpler interface
    * Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
    * Silent worry free operation
    * Great for mudrooms and foyers or the occasionally used guest bath
    * UL and CSA Listed
Our Price $99.00

The Timer
This 7-day programmable timer allows you to program 14 events, or 2 ON-OFF cycles per day for a 5 day and 2 day period.
Note: when a timer is used alone, it can not regulate floor temperature.
Our Price $65.00

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