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Heating Foil
Environ II  -  Warm carpets or Laminate floors
Available in Larger Sizes up to 6'x10'
Can be used in combination for larger rooms.
Systems available in 110 v and 240 v
Are You Heating Under Carpet Or Laminate?
Unlike other radiant heating systems, the Environ II from WarmlyYours™ does NOT need to be installed in a layer of concrete. This makes the installation easy for a flooring installer or DIY homeowner. The Environ II is operated by a "SmartStat" programmable thermostat and hard-wired to a regular 110 volt circuit.
Did you know?
Most people who want to install radiant heating under a carpet or a laminate wood floor would rather install it between the pad and the carpet. This sounds a lot easier than embedding it into a layer of concrete...
Well, until recently there was no such product in America. The Warmly Yours‚™ engineering team searched the world over, and guess what we found! Such a product exists! It has been manufactured in South Africa since 1986 and installed with great success in thousands of homes. The Environ II is the easiest solution for spot warming of carpet and laminate wood floors.
Our product is UL listed. The UL Marks are some of the most recognized Logos in the US.
Environ II Heating Foil
Environ II is a radiant heating system, but unlike other systems, it does NOT require to be installed in a layer of cement, making the installation easy for a flooring installer, or DIY homeowner. Of course the Environ II needs to be hardwired to a thermostat with an in-floor temperature sensor taped to the heating mat. The thermostat needs to be wired to a regular 110-volt circuit by an experienced electrician.
Description and Energy Consumption
Environ II is energy efficient. It is installed directly under the flooring material, over the foam pad. This installation method provides for additional insulation from the cold sub-floor. The EnvironII construction embodies an ultra-thin heating wire (1/12") into 4 layers of foil. The foil layers provide a fast and efficient distribution of heat. A 120 square foot coverage may cost 39 cents per day, on average.
Warm Laminate
Most people installing floor warming under a laminate floor want to avoid having to embed the product in a thinset cement. Not only does this mean having to hire someone to do it but it also lengthens the installation process.
Until now there was no product available that you could simply lay between the subfloor and the laminate surface........ Heated Carpets n Things introduces Environ II by Warmly Yours‚™, a floor warming product that simply goes under your laminate flooring above an insulation layer.
UL and CUL approved
Sizes available in 120v or 240v:
         (2'x5')      $120
         (2'x6')      $144
         (2'x8')      $192
         (2'x10')    $240
         (5'x10')    $500
         (5'x15')    $750
         (6'x10')    $600
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One of our customers who used Environ II in a large enclosed gazebo says:
Well our day after Christmas party was called off (first time in well over 30 years) by a blizzard. Even the food preparers called in to cancel. So two snows later and a lot of digging we had our party which included a good time in our gazebo.
Rugs worked beautifully. I noticed something. A string of space heaters were being used until the rugs were in and you can feel heat hitting you on & off as you go around. You are aware of being heated - or not. You feel the space that is not in line with space heaters.
With the rugs, you don't notice anything. You just eventually get curious as to why you are not cold. Heat does not seem to come from 'below'. The rug to touch feels room temperature which feels good.
Is this the special liner (SolaReflex) in action? We felt immediate relief from dreadful chill just in that step alone. The combined effect is wonderful.
New Jersey
NOTE: SolaReflex was used under the underpad with the Environ II between the underpad and carpet because there is an unheated crawl space and no insulation under the floor. SolaRefex 

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