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More Information about the Radiant Heating Foil
The  Radiate Research low voltage Foil System has been designed to operate at low voltage (24/28v) beneath ceramic tile, wood or laminate, carpet  or other suitable floor coverings. The use of a low voltage supply for the system eliminates the potential hazard associated with using a 110 standard voltage in wet or hard traffic areas.
The system is designed to raise the temperature of the flooring material by generating a steady. even heat at the rate of approximately 80 watts per square meter to increase the comfort level where unheated flooring would be undesirable.
Radiate Research low voltage Foil System is suitable for installation in either dry areas such as conservatories and kitchens or wet areas such as bathrooms in hotels, hospitals or domestic situations. Under normal conditions the Radiate Research low voltage foil system will maintain ceramic floor tiles at comfortable temperature. The actual temperature maintained will vary according to the ambient temperature, floor insulation and the selected voltage.
The system comprises a number of manufactured heating panels, each measuring 600mm x 500mm supplied as continuous sections in lengths ranging from 0.5m to 4m (1 to 8 panels) to be used in any configuration to achieve the best coverage of the intended area. A low voltage DC current, supplied via a transformer. powers the heating panels. 24v ac or 28v ac can be selected to provide optimum heating for the installation and ambient conditions involved. The size of the transformer is determined by the number of panels used in the installation.
Panels should only be connected to the low voltage side of a suitably rated transformer. The foil heating panels are manufactured under strict quality control conditions. It is important that no attempts are made to modify the panels in any way and that they are laid on a flat floor with no irregularities. Under no circumstances should the panels be cut.The Radiate Research low voltage foil system has been proven to be capable of providing trouble free use if it is installed correctly. The Radiate Research low voltage foil system is designed for ease of installation and safe, economical operation. The installation of the system however requires electrical checks and connections to be made. This work should only be carried out by a suitably qualified electrician.
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