About Us 

Meet Lyndon & Wenda Myers
Lyndon has been a warehouse manager for 18 years in the commodities trade.  Wenda has worked in retail for many years while carrying on a Custom Sewing Business from her home.  Both are fascinated by the world of the internet and were looking for a new adventure in the business world.
We decided since we both like working with people and are interested in sales we would take our new venture to the internet. Next we had to come up with a company name for this new venture.  Since Wenda's middle name is Lyn and it is also the first part of Lyndon's name we decided to call it A LYN Venture with a focus on
We are a brand new company with a focus on customer service and satisfaction and are always looking for the best products for you, the customer.
When we saw the Heated Carpets and Mother's Warmth Products we knew it was what we wanted to put our focus on in our new business venture.  When we found the Heated Carpets, Radiant Heating Foils and Mother's Warmth Products, the concept of having a heated carpet under our feet was most intriguing - especially since the floor in our office can be fairly cold and we were sitting here with cold feet thinking "We need a heated carpet!"  These are also great for areas of the house that tend to be a little damp, like bathrooms and basement bedrooms. Our heated carpets and Mothers Warmth products use very low voltage so the cost to run them is minimal.
The idea of Free Heating was also too intriguing to overlook. Turning windows into Radiant Heaters seems like a novel idea, but how practical is that?! Sunshine is available year round and it's FREE! WE get it whether we want it or not so why not take advantage of it? The Solar Barrier Fabrics (for cooling in summer and heat retention in winter) and the Solar Heating Fabrics (for turning windows into heaters) make this all possible at a very low cost. Once you have the product the rest is Free!
We feel that, in our economical, environmentally & user friendly  Heated Carpets, Mother's Warmth Products and the Solar Heating Products, we have the newest and best that technology has to offer in warm floors, baby comfort and a more comfortable home or office.
We are very approachable and are very happy to answer questions and accept suggestions from our customers about how to improve our site or service to make it more customer friendly.  Feedback is always appreciated.
Thanks for visiting with us.
A LYN Venture,  Bend, Oregon        Website:   www.heatedcarpetsnthings.com
email -  wen@heatedcarpetsnthings.com     Phone/Fax 401-329-4298